Diamond Graphics

Diamond Graphics Home Page
Diamond Graphics Gift Cards
Diamond Graphics Loyalty Cards

Diamond Graphics contacted Mipaca Interactive about updating their website's design and help it rank better in search engines.

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Youth Enterprise

Youth Enterprise Home
Youth Enterprise Product List
Youth Enterprise Product Detail

Youth Enterprise contacted Mipaca Interactive to migrate and manage their ecommerce store that was built on a propretary CMS a few years ago.

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Alpha Video Creative

Alpha Video Creative Home Page
Our Work Page
Store List Page

Mipaca Interactive recently worked with Alpha Video's Creative Services department to launch a new site that sells both their Custom Content creation services and downloadable digital signage vid

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CWF Solutions

CWF Solutions

For the CWF Solutions project Mipaca Interactive partnered with design firm Malley Design.

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Tax 29

Tax 29 - Home
Tax 29 - About Us
Tax 29 - Our History

Tax 29 owner Andrew contacted Mipaca Interactive and needed a new site that was realitively inexpensive to setup and be completed within a few weeks.

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Malley Design

Malley Design home page
Malley Design work page
Malley Design identity page
Malley Design blog page

Malley Design chose to work with Mipaca Interactive for the launch of their website ThisIsMalley.com. Some highlights of the site are:

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Catalyst Covenant Church

Catalyst Covenant home page
Catalyst Covenant locations page
Catalyst Covenant gallery page

Working closely with Malley Design, Mipaca Interactive installed and customized WordPress with a theme for Catalyst Covenant Church. A few features of note are:

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Northwest Conference

Northwest Conference home page
Northwest Conference calendar
Northwest Conference Are you a church planter? form

For the Northwest Conference, Mipaca Interactive worked closely with Malley Design to create a large Drupal based website.

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Heartland Christian Resources

Heartland Christian Resources home page
Heartland Christian Resources PEO

Heartland Christian Resources' mission is to help Christian organizations with the "business" side of their ministry allowing them to focus their energy and resources on the "spiritual" aspect.

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The Table at CPC

The Table at CPC home page
The Table at CPC current series
The Table at CPC discipleship map
The Table at CPC discipleship map overlay

Working with the staff of Chirst Presbyterian Church (CPC), Mipaca Interactive developed a Drupal based site for their Sunday night service The Table at CPC.

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